Telehealth Physiotherapy – Effective Video Consultations Available

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In the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation, we realise that not everyone can make it to a face-to-face appointment due to a variety of issues including isolation protocols, feeling unwell or living remotely or being interstate to name a few. It is for that reason that we are expanding our online telehealth physiotherapy video consultation services.

If you are in a remote location, unwell, or if you simply don’t have time for traffic, parking and waiting rooms, an online telehealth physiotherapy consultation may be just the thing you are after.

What can be achieved via telehealth physiotherapy consultations?

Your online consultation is very similar to what we would otherwise do in the clinic during a face-to-face consult. It involves:

1. Performing a thorough history to obtain insight and background on the issues at hand – as we would do in the clinic
2. Performing a specific examination of in line with your concerns (eg, assessing movement patterns, navigating you through special tests etc) – as we would do in the clinic
3. Providing a diagnosis and prognosis – as we would do in the clinic
4. Producing a treatment plan including education on the injury itself, supervised therapeutic exercises and exercise prescription, and a progression plan for long term resolution – as we would do in the clinic

Booking a Telehealth Physiotherapy Consultation is easy. You can simply click on the link at the top or bottom of this page. Of course if you would like further information please call us on 0490 105 716 or email


We do recommend you set up 10min before your telehealth physiotherapy appointment to ensure there are no IT issues. If there are, we can have a phone conversation if required.

Make sure you have adequate space, a stable camera (eg laptop camera) and are dressed appropriately for the consult.

At your scheduled appointment time, click the link that is sent to your email address and we are off and running!

We hope to see you online 🙂


Book Online (Telehealth or Face-to-Face appointments available)