Online Physio Consultations

Online Physio Consultations, otherwise known as telehealth, has been a service we have delivered for many years now. This service has grown exponentially in recent times due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.




So what is an online physio consultation exactly, and how can it help you?

Online Physio consultations is an ideal service for those who may live remotely, are unwell, who would rather stay out of traffic, may not have time to travel or do not need the face-to-face aspects of what we do.


Online Physio – What can be acheived?

Your Online Physio experience is generally not dissimilar to face-to-face consultations. Generally they involve:

1.  Subjective examination – ascertaining a through history to know the background of your current injury concerns as well as gaining an understanding of your specific goals or reaching out for help.
2. Objective examination. The subjective examination is generally followed by performing an objective or physical examination, for example going through specific physical tests to further narrow down our hypothesis of the injury at hand.
3. Providing a diagnosis. If this remains unclear following your subjective and objective examinations, we would refer you to the the right health professional or to have further investigations (eg radiographs) to help confirm the issue at hand.
4. Treatment planning. Developing a plan that is in line with your own goals, including such things as advice and education, exercise therapy and a progression plan to get things back on the right path.
5. Provide ongoing support as needed to help you get back to all the things you love to do!

Booking an online physio consultation is simple, all you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, if you would like further information on this service please feel free to call us on 0490 105 716 or email us at


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