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Physio Performance Clinic offers a variety of physiotherapy treatments to improve and maintain your physical and mental well-being. Please refer to the “services” drop down menu to learn more about how we can help you.

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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to help prevent disease and disability through physical means. Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function, and can help those recovering from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and assist in injury prevention

Sports Injury Management

We focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T. We perform screening assessments for injury prevention, as well as the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a variety of sporting injuries.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a form of western acupuncture, and a treatment that can be effectively used in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our therapists in Coomera are qualified in this form of treatment and ready to help ?

Sports Recovery

Recovery is important for effective training. Our Theragun massage percussion tool in Coomera is used so you can get the most out of your training sessions! Perfect for EMFPC Coomera members before and after training sessions ? 

Online Physio - Telehealth Video Consult

In the rapidly evolving COVID-19 environment we realise that not everyone can make it to a face-to-face appointment due to isolation protocols among other issues. It is for that reason that we are expanding our video consultation tele-health appointments.

If you are in a remote location, unwell, or if you simply don’t have time for traffic, parking and waiting rooms, an online physiotherapy consultation may be just the thing you are after.


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