5 tips for lower back pain

In Australia, statistically 70-90% will experience back pain in their lifetime. So don’t stress if you are experiencing lower back pain as you are not alone! It is important to note that only a small percentage of the population will experience significant functional impairment from their lower back pain. Lower back pain is often most burdening during middle age from a work productivity perspective, however it is still significant in youth and old age. Looking after your lower back is part of leading a healthy and happy life. Here are 5 general tips to take care of your lower back.

  1. Strengthen your muscles

The importance of exercise for back health cannot be stressed enough. Most people wait until after they have a back injury to start thinking of performing back exercises. Prevention is better than cure, so it makes sense to start building strength, endurance and control in your back before you encounter any problems.

  1. Walk, or go for a run

Being active is so important in life for a variety of reasons. A great way to look after your back is by performing impact or “loading” exercise. Vertebral discs get their nutrition through impact loading such as running or walking. This will help maintain your back health and reduce your risk of developing lower back pain.

  1. Have good lifting strategies

If you are lifting something heavy, have a good lifting technique. Prepare yourself, make sure you know what you are lifting, lift from your legs using your whole body and don’t feel embarrassed to get a helping hand if needed.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Weight is not the be all and end all, however maintaining a healthy weight can lower your risk of sustaining a back injury and lower back pain.

  1. Consult a professional.

Not sure what exercises to do? Get in early and consult a physiotherapist for an injury risk assessment and risk minimisation program. If you already have lower back pain, don’t let it linger, see a physio who can help speed up your recovery and avoid any long-term problems.


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*Note: these are only general guidelines. It is always recommended to have your back assessed and treated by a respected health professional.


Managing Lower Back Pain in its’ Early Stages

Have you had a sudden onset of acute back pain? Have you ever experienced difficulty with the simplest of tasks like doing up your shoelaces, picking up your kids, mowing the lawn, or even sitting at your desk?

If this sounds familiar, we know these frustrations too well…

A better understanding of back pain and a few simple tips can really help you to get back to what you love sooner!

We all want that don’t we?!

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*Note: Again, these are only general guidelines and it is always recommended to have your back assessed and treated by a respected health professional.