Physio Rehab – Running short of ideas with COVID19 restrictions?

Is it proving a challenge to progress your physio rehab from home? Running short of ideas due to the the current lockdown situation and being restricted from places like gyms?

Keep your physio rehab exciting and challenging

The current COVID19 environment has made many of us rethink the way we operate in our day to day lives. Physical activity and training is one of those things that has been impacted for many of us with the closure of organised sports and gyms for example. This is no excuse to forego your physio rehab however!

Think outside the box

Have a look around your home. Keep safe, but use your imagination. If you don’t already have conventional gym equipment, look at what you may be able to substitute in for them. Maybe a large bag of rice for example, or a crate that you can fill with bottled water.

Or are you needing a step. If you have an old yellow pages book sitting around, this can be used as a substitute and works really well (for years we used this in our clinics!).

Still struggling?

If you are really not sure of the best way to move forwards with your physio rehab than please feel free to get in contact with our team. We have the ability to help you create a tailored treatment plan to accelerate you towards your goals using the equipment you have at hand in this COVID19 environment! We can even go as far as organising an online consultation where you can show us your home environment and what equipment you have at your disposal!

Stay safe and healthy!

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