Bench | Deadlift | Squat
Powerlifting Seminar

It was a load of fun delivering this seminar to the PTs of EMF Fitness and Performance Centres on the Gold Coast. In conjunction with Champion Powerlifter, Will Crozier from Nexus Performance Australia, we knuckled down on the principles behind lifting, simple assessments we both use, and how to regress and progress lifts, creating the foundations needed to lift efficiently, pain-free and in a way the reduces injury risk.

It is great to interact with PTs and Coaches, to learn from them and their perspectives and insights, and to offer ours from a different angle. This collaboration leads to the best outcomes for clients, and makes training progressive and fun. We should not forget that we should always have intent for what we do, a keep things simple. Complexity is not always needed, especially without the foundation strength, control and movement patterns required for such technical lifts as bench, deadlifts and squats are.