Our Physio Tips for Travel

Holidays should be for rest and relaxation. Our physios want to make sure it stays that way. If you’re traveling over the Christmas/New Year period, we have a few important things for you to keep in mind. Whether you choose to travel by air, land or sea, you’ll find something that applies to your travels. *Note that this is general information only 🙂 *

Physio Tip 1: Keep Moving! An obvious Physio Tip to start with! No single posture is best, variability is the key here! Look at changing your posture (or even better, standing up) every 30 mins (stretching backwards is a great way to counteract all that sitting you’re doing!). Ankle pumps (repeatedly pointing and flexing your toes/feet), drawing circles with your feet, and stretching your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades are all examples of generally suitable stretches.

Physio Tip 2: Wear Appropriate Shoes. If you’re going to find yourself on your feet all day, try and wear supportive footwear. Different shoes are often needed for different types of activities and terrain, and a physiotherapist can help guide you with this.

Physio Tip 3: Training and Exercise. Take your time, your body needs to adapt if you are beginning training from some time off. Ease into things, and listen to your body.

Physio Tip 4: Water, water, water! The humidity inside aeroplane cabins (10-20%) is a lot lower than the usual 30-65% we experience in day-to-day life, making it easier to become dehydrated. So keep the water intake high and limit caffeine/alcohol intake as this fast-tracks dehydration. Keeping up the water intake will not only keep you hydrated, but you’ll be getting up regularly to use the bathroom too (point 1-tick)!

Physio Tip 5: Pack lightly! Often easier said than done, however, it’s those who pack lighter that avoid that niggly shoulder or back injuries that often arise from lugging heavy baggage around on trips. If you do have to lift a heavy suitcase, keep it close to your body, use your strong leg muscles and better still get someone to help you. If luggage trolleys are available, use them!

Physio tip 6: Eat right! Even if it looks healthy, aeroplane/takeaway food is full of preservatives (yes even the veggies!), so have a nutritious, wholesome meal before your flight/trip. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and put you in good stead for the rest of your travels! Snack on natural things like fruit and unsalted nuts.

Physio Tip 7: Portable Physio’s! Not quite, but thera-band and trigger point balls are fantastic, portable tools worth taking to keep your travels pain free – See photo below of some band assisted stretching and mobility.

Physio Tip 8: Get Professional Advice
Investing in your health may include seeking professional health advice. This may be beneficial in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and areas to work on. Our goal is to help you prevent injuries or minimise injury risk where possible. If you are after some specific advice, exercise or tips to keep on top of you physical health, Contact us today 🙂 

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